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There’s more to Venice than canals, gondolas and gelato…

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The city of Venice in Italy is famous for many things – namely, its network of waterways, its romantic gondolas, its incredible architecture, fabulous shopping and gorgeous food. If you’ve ever been on a mini-break to Venice, you’ll have seen and done all of these things, but there is actually far more to explore in Venice than the average tourist realises.

The province of Venice

What not a lot of people realise is that Venice is a province as well as a city. Within this province, there are absolutely loads of fantastic destinations for family holidays in Italy. Whilst the city of Venice offers you culture, architecture and more sightseeing opportunities than you can shake a stick at, it isn’t such a good destination for summer holidays.

The other regions in the province, however, can provide a completely different kind of holiday. Whether you want to lounge on a golden sandy beach, relax by the pool or visit local areas of outstanding natural beauty, Provincia di Venezia has it all.

Ideas and inspiration for family holidays to Venice

If you’re planning family holidays to Italy, here are the very best resorts, attractions and hidden gems in the province of Venice that you need to know about:

Lido di Jesolo

Single Parent Holidays to Venetian Riviera

This is the ultimate for family holidays in Venice, offering a memorable holiday experience for adults and kids of all ages. It has miles of gorgeous beaches, a beautiful panoramic coastline, bustling nightlife, plenty of sports and water sports and even a water park and amusement park nearby for the kids. We love this area so much that we’ve planned a single parents holiday to Lido di Jesolo for this summer – we’re expecting to get some stunning holiday snaps back from this gorgeous resort!


Single Parent Family Holidays in Italy

The resort of Bibione on the Northern Adriatic Coast is best known for its stunning 8km sandy beach, but it is the surrounding areas that make Bibione such a unique destination for a holiday. The resort is surrounded by green pinewood forests, which many holidaymakers find a cool, refreshing refuge from the scorching Italian sun. The area is rich in nature as well as natural beauty, and it even has its own thermal spa, making it the perfect place to get away from it all.

Eraclea and the “Lagoon of the Dead”

 Seaside holidays for single parents in Italy

Eraclea is one of the main tourist destinations in the Venetian Riviera, and it also has a Blue Flag beach, but one of the most fascinating things about this resort is its mysterious lagoon. Called the “Lagoon of the Dead”, this unusual natural formation has curiously calm and still waters, which is perhaps where its name comes from.

The church and cathedral at Caorle

Holidays for single parents in Italy

If you want a real flavour of what this historic province used to look like hundreds of years ago, the traditional coastal town of Caorle is the place to visit. Particular highlights of this small and charming town include the Cathedral of St Stephen, a towering building built in 1038, and the Church of the Blessed Virgin of the Angel, a picture perfect church right on the sea.

The best thing about all of these locations is that they are within a short distance of the city of Venice, as well as from each other. A day trip either to or from Venice is an easy prospect – in fact, our Lido di Jesolo trip has a day trip to Venice as part of the itinerary. This means that you can have the best of both worlds – culture, shopping and gondolas as well as beaches, pools and sunbathing – in one trip should you wish to.

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