Single With Kids Rewards Club Terms

Rewards Club Terms

Membership Conditions

The Single With Kids Rewards Club membership entitles members to a 15% discount off the non-member price of any event organised by Single With Kids, as long as the membership runs for the duration of the booking, ie from the date of booking until the holiday is over.

Should your Rewards Club membership lapse at any time in between non-payment of the subscription and the commencement of your holiday, the full non-members’ price of the holiday will apply.

1. Extent of Membership
Membership of the Rewards Club is valid per single parent family and applies for the adult holding the membership and their children. This is not transferable and any additional adults must be booked as non-members unless they hold their own membership.

2. Private Forum Area
Rewards Club Members have access to private messaging on the forum and a private area that cannot be read by guests or non-members. To have your forum membership upgraded, please advise us of your forum user name.

3. Application of Members’ Holiday Discounts
Rewards Club membership discounts cannot be applied retrospectively – the member needs to have an active subscription at the time of booking for the discount to apply. If you inadvertently book your holiday as a member without a valid membership, you will be notified and given the chance to join as a member within 5 days. Should no membership be taken within this time, the non members’ price will apply for your holiday.

4. Limits of Reward Club Membership
Single With Kids Ltd reserves the right at all times, and in its absolute discretion, to determine the number of members in the group.

5. Termination of Reward Club Membership
Single With Kids Ltd reserves the right at all times to expel members or to prevent, for any reason, any member from participating in any event, or from renewing membership. Membership fees will not be refunded if the member is expelled.

6. Conduct
Members shall conduct themselves when participating in all events, in a sensible, safe and social manner towards all other members and towards the general public and towards all those persons or companies providing accommodation or service.

7. Holiday Cancellations
Members shall not hold Single With Kids responsible, or liable, in any way whatsoever, for the cancellation, for whatever reason, of a holiday. Where cancellation arises and is the fault of Single With Kids Ltd or the supplier of a holiday, Single With Kids Ltd will return all of the booking fees paid by the member for the holiday.

8. Cancelling Rewards Club Membership Subscription
Members’ subscriptions will be as specified in the Paypal / Stripe email received upon joining the Rewards Club, and  subscriptions will be taken automatically until the membership is cancelled by the user, either on a monthly or annual basis. Subscriptions are entirely in the member’s own control – the membership can be cancelled direct from your Paypal account (pre 2018) or email us to cancel post 2018 for Stripe memberships.

Because all Single With Kids’ holidays are bonded for your financial security, memberships are important to us in providing the resources for deposits for more lovely locations – this is why we reward our members with cheaper prices. Unfortunately however we do have to have regulations around the memberships so these are fair to all and not abused. Any members therefore who cancel a monthly membership cannot reinstate this within 9 months of cancelling – you can however rejoin as an annual member within this time should you wish.

9. Continuity of Reward Club Membership Subscription
Should a Reward Club membership be voluntarily cancelled or a subscription payment fails, the membership period is cancelled forthwith and any holidays booked will be charged at full non members’ price unless the membership is reinstated within 7 days of expiry.

10. The Loyalty Club Ethos
The Rewards Club is a loyalty club and monthly subscriptions are available to spread the cost of membership. Any member who stops and starts monthly subscriptions regularly, or immediately after the end of a holiday, will forfeit the right to rejoin as a monthly member and we can only accept annual subscriptions from thence forth.

11. Unauthorised Attending of Single With Kids Holidays
There is a significant cost involved in organising and securing group holidays and events – any members who threaten the future of the Rewards Club by gate-crashing holidays or events, will have their membership cancelled forthwith, as per paragraph 5 above, the membership fees will not be refunded.

12. Third Party Events
Events organised by members do not fall under the scope of the membership discount as these are not run by Single With Kids but simply advertised on our forum.

13. Amendments of Reward Club Membership Terms
Single With Kids Ltd reserve the right to update the Rewards Club membership terms and conditions as required, and will email members should there be any amendments during the course of the membership period.