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What is Glamping?

What is Glamping?

…and why do our single parents love it so much?

Glamping, glam camping, boutique camping, luxury camping, posh camping – it’s got every name under the sun. But what is glamping and why has it taken the country by storm?

Put short, if you want the feeling of freedom in the great outdoors but want to keep hold of some home comforts… then glamping is probably for you. Enjoy waking up to the fresh air and relaxing woodland sounds in a traditional Yurt or Tipi on a fab glamping holiday without the worry of hauling a tent with you and whether or not you remembered the tent pegs. We’ve tried to put everything you need to know about glamping here, as well as some gorgeous pictures of the accommodation and sites we visit.

What is Glamping | Boutique Glamping

Camping with a bed… what’s not to love

What is glamping then?

Some see glamping, or glamorous camping, as an upgrade from camping. They’re allured by the thought of a bed… while camping! And we can’t say we blame them, what is glamping without a bit of luxury. With glamping, you don’t lose out on any of the bonuses of camping, like a few nights away from the rush of life or the chance to get back to nature and enjoy some peace and quiet with friends. Instead, you gain a few well appreciated facilities. Some of the accommodation available on glamping holidays includes Traditional Yurts, Tipis and Wigwams.

Boutique Camping | Single With Kids

Back to nature, cooking in the outdoor oven.

Perfect for Single Parents

No tent, no fuss, no smothering the kids in the car with umpteen bags and boxes. Single parents can relax on a glamping holiday knowing their accommodation will be waiting for them when they arrive, as well as lots of other facilities that you just don’t get when you go camping.

Who else could benefit from glamping?

Camping is the perfect option for people who it may not normally be possible to camp. For example, should you normally struggle on a camp site because of a disability or the need for extra equipment you may find a glamping holiday a little more accommodating as there is much more room and greater accessibility.

No car? No problem. While we do have some single parent families who take public transport to go camping, you might find it easier to choose a glamping holiday if you’re not too keen on trying to drag a tent onto the train. Having your accommodation waiting for you gives you the luxury of being able to travel light… well, lighter anyway.

Boutique camping | Single With Kids

For rest, relaxation… or for the kids to play. Enjoy the hammock just outside your Tipi

What do you need to know about glamping?

We’ve tried to make getting you and your clan on your perfect holiday as easy as possible, as we understand that a single parent holiday can be a daunting prospect (especially if it’s your first one). So we’d like to provide you with as much information as possible. We’ve put together a list of equipment to answer the questions – What is Glamping and What Do I Need to Take? Remember that this may differ depending on which site you visit as their facilities differ.

Don’t forget to… enjoy yourself!

After all, it’s your holiday. Bring the book you’ve been dying to read, the wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion, the camera so you can take some pics of the kids and their new friends.

Start making memories today

…you’ll wonder why you’ve not taken the plunge already!

Single Parents | Camping UK

Single With Kids Go Glamping

We’ve got some great glamping trips for single parents. The lovely camp sites and outdoor activities double in fun when you’re enjoying them with a group of like-minded people. Enjoy the reassurance of knowing there’s a group of friends ready and waiting when you arrive, for both you and the kids.

Single Parents | Camping UK

Wigwam Break

Sunday 3rd August – Friday 8th August 2014

Perfect for wildlife lovers and stunning sight seekers; directly opposite are the world-famous Farne Islands which are home to one of the UK’s largest grey seal colonies and a bird sanctuary with hundreds of thousands of visiting seabirds.

Tipi Holiday

Monday 18th August – Friday 22nd August 2014

Set within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you can imagine the breathtaking sights we have to look forward to. We’ve 11 acres of woodland to explore and make dens in so there’s sure to be something to keep the kids and their new friends entertained.

Still have questions?

Hopefully we covered What is Glamping, but not to worry if you still have questions, there are lots of ways to get the answers you need. Either jump on live chat with us, or email us at info@singlewithkids.co.uk. Alternatively you can check out our forum which has sections for camping and lots of other lovely stuff.