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Single With Kids on ITVSingle Parents feature often in the media – usually as  the scapegoat for whatever is going wrong in society, the economy, the world in general. We’ve heard it all and the stigma that this creates can really be a stick for single parents,  usually at a time when what we actually need is support and encouragement.

At Single With Kids we’ve been contacted by many documentary makers over the years and shockingly they only want the stories that reinforce the Vicky Pollard type stereotype that the media hang on to, even though it’s not representative.  We constantly offer positive stories –  hard working, hard caring parents making the most of difficult circumstances and doing the very best for their children – but  these have been rejected. These aren’t newsworthy apparently – the truth doesn’t always sell. Bias rules loud and clear in the tabloid press…and, unfortunately, some mainstream TV channels.

We were delighted therefore when ITV got in touch with their plans for an alternate, refreshing approach. And even more delighted when we were invited to be involved.

Myleene Klass joins the gang..

Myleene Klass The ITV production, presented by Myleene Klass, looks at single parent issues from many different angles. From teen mums through to widowed fathers, the circumstances can be different, but there’s common ground too. Raising a child alone can be one of the most difficult challenges – but also very rewarding (at least when you get to the other end !)

The documentary looks at busting some of the myths about single parents whilst showing the different stories. Did you know, that the average age of a single parent is 37? And not 19 or 20 as a quick street questionnaire suggested. (Only 2% of single parents are teens )  Single parents come from all walks of life, with 2 million single parent families in the UK  it’s no wonder we’re such a varied group.

Myleene (a single parent herself)  met with a group of mums from Single With Kids at a walk in Delamere Forest in Cheshire, bringing along Rhiannon, a single mum she’d been spending time with as part of the documentary. The ITV crew later joined us at our lovely Hargate Hall Christmas Party event – a long standing tradition for us.

Alongside single mums, the documentary also features Dadshouse and Benjamin Brooks-Dutton (Life as a Widower ) – showing a male perspective on single parenting, often overlooked by the media.


Watch it here:

The documentary is available to watch on ITV Player – click the photo below to view.

We’re not quite collecting autographs yet, and the 5 minutes of fame won’t go to our heads completely but we’re glad to see the trend of single-parent-bashing is slowly turning and we enjoyed playing  a part in this.

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“Single With Kids should be prescribed on the NHS”

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