Single Parent Holidays - Safety

Single Parent Holidays – Think Safety!

Posted on by Chrissie Lewandowski

Single Parent Holidays – Think Safety!

There are many reasons to go on a single parent holiday,  but one that is often overlooked is safety. Imagine being in an overseas country with a young child and you have an accident, knocked unconscious maybe. What happens next?  If you’re alone with your child, it can be a pretty scary scenario – who looks after the child, provides all the necessary details required by the hospital, even arranges for your onward transport if your child has to  travel home and you remain behind?

Menorca Family Holidays | Single With KidsOn a Single With Kids’ single parent holiday you have automatic support.Your holiday coordinator will immediately step in to ensure all arrangements are taken care of, and your child isn’t left alone and frightened. The holiday team in the office have all your information to hand and can act quickly in an emergency so you don’t have to worry about the formalities. We know it works, because we’ve tried it. Not often thankfully, we prefer to be in the habit of bringing back our holidaymakers in one piece, but occasionally accidents do happen and that’s often when the true benefit of the group are recognised. Vicky had a bad accident at a Menorcan Water Park and was taken to hospital with suspected neck and back injuries. We’re rightly proud that despite the not so  fitting end to her holiday, she still rates it as “one of her most enjoyable holidays as a family” – her letter is below:


Vicky’s Email

Hi there,

I just wanted to say a huge “thank you” to everyone in the background at SWK who helped make my first holiday abroad alone with my kids a massive success. From the moment I set foot in Menorca, I was never alone! In fact, the Facebook group allowed me to feel part of a group going away together, before we had even left!

Sarah was an amazing coordinator. Fun-loving, very friendly and welcoming, and helpful on top of excellent event-planning, organisation and co-ordination. What a star! It was lovely that someone else could take charge and everything that was planned for us was fantastic!

I spent my last day/night in a private hospital in Ciutadella. My kids were oblivious to it all and the group pulled together to look after them and pack our bags so that we wouldn’t miss our flight home. I’m so grateful to everyone for this and the dynamic of the group enabled this to happen. When I asked my youngest what the worst bit of the holiday had been, his answer was “losing my ring!” You can’t ask for more than that when your mum has been sent to hospital wearing a neck brace in an ambulance lol :).

I’m so impressed at how smoothly everything went and despite now lying with whiplash, we have had one of our most enjoyable holidays ever as a family – with SWK there is definitely something for everyone. Thank you!!!

Kind regards,

Vicky Hargreaves

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