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Holidays for Single Parent Families – nervous about booking?

Posted on by Chrissie Lewandowski

At Single With Kids we’ve been offering single parent holidays since 2007 and had many, many happy holidaymakers and some very fond memories of our groups.  The words we often hear though are “we wish we’d done this earlier! ”  (and so do we!)   Going on a group holiday can be a big leap of faith for a single parent, spending your holiday with people you’ve never met before. It sounds daunting, doesn’t it?  And in many cases there are well-meaning friends and family in the background asking if you’ve gone totally potty for even considering it.  They obviously don’t know what it really feels like to holiday alone.

Who goes on a holiday for single parent families?

First of all our groups are people just like you. They’re single parent families, all keen to have a great holiday and leave the stresses behind, and all mutually understanding the challenges of being a one parent family. They come from all walks of life (from lawyers to lorry drivers, doctors to hairdressers and more teachers than you can shake a stick at) but they’ve all decided that holidays need a little more fun injecting in to them.  We’ve even featured a number of our regulars over the years on Menorca Family Holidays | Single With Kidsthis page – Our Holidaymakers

Secondly, all of our groups are accompanied by a holiday coordinator who looks after the group, making sure everyone gels and there are plenty of events and opportunities to make new friends. The holiday isn’t a boot camp, and it’s entirely up to you what you do and don’t take part in, but there are always events to bring everyone together whether it’s roasting marshmallows around a campfire or a trip out on the Mediterranean sea, snorkelling whilst the sun sets. All the kind of things that are more fun with new friends.

Thirdly – nerves are normal ! We’ve lost count of the number of emails we receive from families who are desperate to join us, but very, very nervous about booking. Sometimes they make the leap, a few times they don’t , but you can bet if they do, they come back time and time and time again. We do love to say ‘we told you so 🙂  )

Why is a single parent holiday different?

We started Single With Kids after a number of holidays, sat alone whilst the kids played, and feeling lonely amongst a sea of traditional families. It wasn’t just the logistical challenges of the holiday that were difficult (if one babe wanted the toilet, we had to decamp and take everyone including our valuables), but the isolation of being ‘just us’ . Kids often make friends wherever they are, as a lone parent that wasn’t as easy – and lead to the vow of ‘never again!’   Single With Kids holidays offer fun and friendship, not only for the kids, but for the adults too:

You’ve company wherever you are, whether with a cocktail by the pool or watching the sun set over the campfire.

You get a break – give the kids ready made friends and they stick together like a swarm. You’re pretty much superfluous for a while and actually get a rest. A strange concept for a single parent at times, but ever so therapeutic.

Do read our testimonials page to see what the parents think – there are also reviews from a number of different holiday types too.

“What you do is provide a fantastic service and opportunity to the people who need it the most, and it has certainly left me feeling so much more positive about being a single parent – in fact I don’t think I ever want to do a couples holiday again!! Thank you so much for everything! ”   Amy & Lucie

We’ve tried to make our website as comprehensive as possible to  cover all the questions you may have about holidays for single parent families – and there’s a good summary of these on the Holidays for Single Parents page but if you’re one of the families watching our site but worried about booking, please get in touch and we can go through all the tiny details that make you realise that the breaks  aren’t “just a holiday”  We’re available at .

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Lisa Mason says: March 18, 2016 at 6:09 pm

I wish I’d found you sooner! The only way I can have a social life is if my son is part of it but at single with kids he goes off with his friends and I can chat with mine. Perfect! The tears as we come home from each holiday show how much we love it!

Phoebe says: March 18, 2016 at 8:01 pm

I am with Lisa on this one too – I was on my own for so long and dreaded going away. Now I wouldn’t holiday any other way. My daughters so look forward to the summer camps and they get to see their SWK friends. Me too – I have met some incredible people and have made some awesome memories – here is to adding more SWK photo to my scrap book 🙂