The Power of an Hour -

The Power of an Hour

Posted on by Chrissie Lewandowski

“If only I had time….” How often do you find yourself wishing that? What if you suddenly had 9 and a half weeks to do whatever you wanted?

A question – how long do you spend watching TV per day? The average viewing figures are 3 hours a day – which considering some of us can never find our remote, that means there are a lot of people out there who are real addicts.

What about Facebook or internet surfing? It’s so very easy to get sucked in and suddenly reappear 2 hours later without realising.We’re not saying not to watch TV or catch up with your online friends, – indeed both can be good for a little relaxation after a hard day – but think about this:

 If you took just one hour a day, this would give you an extra 7 hours a week, 364 hours a year – or, get this – another 9 working weeks of time to do something different. That’s right NINE AND A HALF WORKING WEEKS. (I’m sure there’s a title of a movie in there somewhere J )

 Now imagine what you can do with that time:

  • Read a book (you’d get through around 70 books in the year).
  • Start a project.
  • Do a course or learn a new skill (in 9 and a half weeks you’d easily manage an onlne course leading to a new qualification)
  • Spend an hour playing board games with the children (good old fashioned fun beats technology hands down where communication is concerned)
  • Write a letter or make a call to old friends – so much more personal than a Facebook ‘like’
  • Tidy / declutter your house – just imagine how fabulous it would look with 365 hours time?
  • Go to the gym or an exercise class
  • Pamper yourself.
  • Take the first steps to realising those things you’ve always wanted to do but never had time


Making Time | Single With KidsThe list is endless. Little and often can be the key to forming new habits and new routines, and by building in a Happy Hour each day, you can suddenly see all those ‘Must-Do-Sometimes’ become ‘Well-Under-Ways’   Not just that, but the sense of achievement is quite addictive too.

Of course it’s so easy to have good intentions and for this Happy Hour to soon fall by the way side, the best way is to try and build it into your day at the same time for a month. It takes 28 days to form a new habit and you’ll soon find it becomes a firm part of your daily routine and something you actively look forward to.

If you need further convincing, why not make a list of everything you do in that hour?  In the last fortnight I’ve cleared a patch in my garden I’d been avoiding for ages, I’ve started a new book and have also had a big declutter. And did I miss Facebook? Not for one minute – or is that hour? 🙂


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