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Be Good! A Daily Feel-Good Boost

Posted on by Chrissie Lewandowski

A motivation tip that’s easy to adopt but works well every time and makes you feel better about yourself .  A tip that’s as simple as it is effective and can be as small or as big as you wish. 

Intrigued? It’s easy:

Do something good for yourself each day, and do something good for someone else.  

Your treat to yourself can be something you look forward to throughout the day, it can be personal or even something for your home or space. Time out doing something you love, a favourite meal, a new book, a good old clear out, a catch up with friends.

Whatever the treat to yourself however, you can bet that the satisfaction you get from helping someone else can often outweigh it tenfold. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture, even a touch of unexpected kindness can brighten the day for both the receiver and the giver. 

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