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Author Topic: CAFCASS  (Read 1497 times)

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« on: September 04, 2017, 11:21:12 AM »
I'm looking for some advice. My ex is threatening to speak to CAFCASS over something our son has said. He's trying to make out like I've told our son he has two families, a good one and a bad one and that bad side of the family is his dad's. I have never and would never speak to our son about his dad's family in any other way than a positive one, despite our differences. He is saying that it is safe guarding issue. My son has asked about his sides of the family but being only four it's hard to explain. I said to him that as he is half of mummy and half of daddy he has mummy's side and daddy's side of his family. We talked about who was in which side of the family and how lucky he was to have so many people who love him. I haven't replied to my ex about it. Whilst on FaceTime to my son, who didn't want to talk to his dad at the time, and me trying to encourage him to speak his dad said, so myself and son could hear, " that women is vile". I then sent a message saying that wasn't nice for our son the hear and I could never said a bad word about him or his family to our son. I'm would like to know wha CAFCASS would do about what he's eledging has been said, if anything.
Thank you


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