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Author Topic: How to Claim child maintenance when ex working offshore and how to locate him!  (Read 2396 times)

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Hi,  I'm on a last ditch attempt to try and get maintenance from my ex before I give up  :'(

I've been going round and round in circles for the last 10 years trying to get maintenance from my ex through csa/cms and not getting very far  :'(  Managed 4 months of payments through a deductions of earnings order last year but that's about it! 
For 6 months now the cms can't trace him, the address they have the mail is being returned to them although I can bet its his base address where his girlfriend lives. 
 Late last year (when he was trying to get me to accept £10 a week for 3 kids instead of the £28 a week through deductions of earnings) he told me he had put in for a offshore job in Norway and when I finally got hold of him couple of months ago he told me he was working away and wouldn't be paying.

So now no idea what to do!

 I have heard if I tell the cms he's working offshore they will close my case and won't help at all but I can't actually be certain he is working offshore as he's not known for telling the truth.  Also if he is working offshore I have no idea on how to find out where he is  and how to go about trying to get him to pay!
The only way I had of contacting him was facebook messenger but he's blocked that now haven't a clue what to do.

Any advice would be gratefully received but I'm thinking it may be time to give up and admit defeat!

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I'm sorry to say that it probably is not worth the hassle to chase him up. They do not deal with parents abroad, and if is willing to go to such lengths to avoid paying then he will not pay out even if you do manage to find him. Unless you get a court order, but then can you afford the stress and money of getting one and enforcing it?
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