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Author Topic: Fighting the Spammers!  (Read 2308 times)

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Fighting the Spammers!
« on: January 09, 2010, 04:06:35 PM »
Fighting the Spammers!
Over the past few months your forum has been under constant daily attack from spammers and most of the time, you probably haven't noticed, as we've done our best to personally remove and ban these people before they've had chance to ply their wares: anything from porn, weight reduction pills (probably quite useful this time of year!), anti-baldness pills and Viagra.  The spammers that have found their way through are usually reported to us once they post and we've then removed the offending threads (sometimes more than 20 individual posts if the attack has been particularly prolific!).  Thanks to everyone for being diligent and helping us to keep this forum a nice place to be!   :)

As a new initiative for the New Year, we took measures a few days ago to help us fight the spammers more efficiently.  We've implemented security technology that keeps an eye on every new person who registers onto the forum and checks their details on a database of some half a million known spammer details - if they appear on the database, they are immediately refused registration.

A similar type of security check is carried out when anyone tries to log onto the forum and since this software is rather cutting-edge, we wanted to make sure that it's working correctly:  

If any of you have been blocked from logging onto the forum, please email me at richard@singlewithkids.co.uk so that we can rectify any issues.  

I'd just like to add that we're unaware of any problems with this new pattern-matching system and everything appear to be working great, but we just wanted to double-check that you're all OK and there have been no casualties.

Happy New Year!



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