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Frequently Asked Questions – UK Holidays

The following questions are often asked either before or after booking a Single With Kids’ holiday and covers general enquiries. For any enquiries specific to holidays, you’ll hopefully find these answered on the holiday pages, alternatively do contact us via our live chat or send us a message.

1.  Are there any places left?

Once a holiday is fully booked, we will display a message on the appropriate web page.  The most popular holidays do sell out early, so it’s definitely worth booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

We do sometimes get cancellations – if you would like to be put on the waiting list for a holiday then please do email us events@singlewithkids.co.uk

2.  I’ve booked, but haven’t heard anything

Once you book a holiday, you’ll receive a PayPal receipt – this is the confirmation of your booking (please check junk folders, as sometimes it gets caught up as spam).

As the holiday approaches, we will email you with more details, including basic information on who’s going (names, ages of children etc), things to do whilst you’re on holiday in the area, directions and a loose itinerary.  All information will be sent by email, so please let us know if you have any problem accessing your PC on the run up to the holiday.

3. I’ve paid a deposit for my holiday – when do I pay the balance?

The balance needs to be paid 8 weeks before the start of your holiday and we’ll send out an email with a link to pay online.

Please click the link in your email to pay for your holiday.  Note that if balances are not paid when due, we have no option but to consider this as a cancellation and we will re-sell the places wherever possible (in this instance there is a sliding scale of cancellation charges to cover our costs).  See our Booking Terms & Conditions for more information.

4. I’ve been sent the link to pay. Can I become a member to get a discount?

Members’ discounts are available to those who are members at the time of booking and maintain their membership status until the commencement date of the holiday.  Members who cancel monthly subscriptions immediately after a holiday can only rejoin later as an annual member if they wish to enjoy 15% discounts on our holidays and events – this is to help prevent abuse of Reward Club memberships.

5. I’ve never been on one of your holidays before – I don’t know anyone!

Don’t worry, neither have most people in the group.  On most holidays, 70-80% of the group will never have met each other before – there’s no such thing as a stranger, only friends we haven’t yet met!  We regularly receive emails from new customers who are nervous about going on one of of our single parent holidays, but after the positive experiences of their first trip with us, most customers decide to come back again.  If you are particularly nervous, we would recommend using our forum beforehand, as this gives you a chance to talk to others who may be going on the same holiday.

6.  Do you arrange transport?

Our customers are spread far and wide and it isn’t feasible to arrange transport for everyone to get to a holiday destination.  For UK holidays, we recommend posting on our forum if you don’t have a car – failing that, some customers use the train.

Travel Line is a very useful website as are Google Maps!

7.  Are private rooms available?

Some of our UK holidays have private rooms which are at a premium and we offer these firstly to our Rewards Club members.

8. What is a Shared room?

Shared rooms are rooms that are shared with another family – we try our best to match parents and children (by age and gender) we never mix genders of the parents!

9. Will vegetarian food be provided?

As the majority of our UK holidays are self catering, you control your menus – if there is a group meal there will always be an vegetarian option.

10.  My child has a nut allergy.  Will they be safe eating the food provided?

Although our accommodation providers will usually try their best to cater for all eventualities, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that they will be entirely nut free, or free of any trace of other allergens (dairy or gluten etc).

11.  I like the look of next year’s holidays – can I reserve my places now?

Yes, holidays can be booked as soon as they are online and there is a “Book Now” button shown on the web page.  If a holiday is going to be popular, we will give preference to Rewards Club members first and will open it up for general booking a month or two before the actual start date of the holiday.

12.  Do we have to go on your group days out?

No!  We’re not a boot camp and you’re free to come and go on the holiday at your leisure.  We will normally organise a group outing each day to a local attraction and it’s entirely up to you if you come along.

13.  Are the days out included in the price?

The age range of children on a holiday often varies from toddlers to teenagers, so not all activities are suitable for all ages, so we don’t include the cost in the holidays.  We search out the best deals beforehand and then give parents a choice as to which activities they want to be involved in.

14.  I know someone booked on your holiday – can I share a room?

Yes, simply let us know when booking, or as soon as possible.  Our bookings page has space for notes and special messages for us, so please include a note to us when booking.

15.  Do the doors have locks, or are there safes for personal items?

This varies from location to location.  Some accommodation has locking bedroom doors, but some properties may have a lockable door to the apartment, or in other cases, a lodge or cottage will have a lockable front / back door, but the bedrooms won’t be individually lockable.  If security is a concern to you, please email us beforehand to check.  We would like to point out that we’ve had no issues with security, but as a matter of caution we would suggest leaving items of great value at home.

16.  I have an under 2 – do I have to pay for them?

It all differs on which holiday you are looking at.

There is usually a minimum cost for babies under 24 months old if you book a single room (if there are no spare beds in the room (eg the parent is in a single room rather than a double room).  Due to the sleep patterns of babies, shared rooms are inappropriate unless the other parents have a similarly aged child, or are happy to share – otherwise we can only accommodate babies in single rooms with a parent.  Twin/ double rooms are also an option, although we would need to charge for the full price of the room to cover our costs.  Please bring your own travel cot unless alternative arrangements have been confirmed with us.

17.  I booked a holiday, but cannot now come along – what do I do?

Let us know as soon as possible – there are cancellation charges which are dependent on when you tell us and the proximity to the commencement of a holiday.  For more information, please see Booking Terms & Conditions.

18. What does the coordinator do?

You can find out  who our coordinators are on the about us pages.

There is a page dedicated to the coordinators role.

19. What kind of people go on the holidays?

There is a large range of people that come on our holidays – from Doctors to authors and from actresses to teachers.

If your question hasn’t been answered here, please email us at events@singlewithkids.co.uk