FAQ - Overseas -

FAQ – Overseas

Frequently Asked Questions – Overseas Holidays

The following questions are often asked either before or after booking a Single With Kids’ holiday and covers general enquiries. For any enquiries specific to holidays, you’ll hopefully find these answered on the holiday pages, alternatively do contact us via our live chat or send us a message.

1.Are there any places left?

Once a holiday is fully booked, we will display a message on the appropriate web page.

On some occasions it is possible to get more rooms – however please note that the closer to the departure date the higher the supplement may be – this is due to low availability on flights. We don’t hold seats on all of the holidays.

Please contact us to see if this is possible…

2. I’ve booked, but not heard anything?

Once you book a holiday we will contact you in regards to flight options from your chosen airport. You will then receive a receipt (which contains all of the holiday information i.e. flight times, names, balance of your holiday and ATOL information)  – this is the confirmation of your booking (please check junk folders, as sometimes it gets caught up as spam).

3. What happens after that?

As the holiday approaches, we will email you requesting your passport details (this is around 8 weeks before) then around 2 weeks before you depart you will receive another email with more details, including basic information on who’s going (names, ages of children etc). Then between 7 – 10 days before you depart your tickets and other documentation will be emailed out to you – you will need to print these off as per the instructions on the email.

Please note -all information will be sent by email, so please let us know if you have any problem accessing your PC on the run up to the holiday.

4.  I’ve paid a deposit for my holiday – when do I pay the balance?

The balance needs to be paid 12 weeks before the start of your holiday and we’ll send out an email reminding you of this.

Note that if balances are not paid when due, we have no option but to consider this as a cancellation. You are however still liable for the whole of the balance. See our Booking Terms & Conditions for more information.

5.  I’ve never been on one of your holidays before – I don’t know anyone!

Don’t worry, neither do most people in the group.  On most holidays, 70-80% of the group will never have met each other before – there’s no such thing as a stranger, only friends we haven’t yet met!  We regularly receive emails from new customers who are nervous about going on one of of our single parent holidays, but after the positive experiences of their first trip with us, most customers decide to come back again.  If you are particularly nervous, we would recommend using our forum beforehand, as this gives you a chance to talk to others who may be going on the same holiday.

We also set up a Facebook page so that you can meet the people that are on your holiday. The event page is totally private and only people that are on the holiday can see and access it.

6. Do you provide transport to the airport?

No, you will need to make your own way to the airport.

Flights and transfers to and the airport one you are in the destination are included in the price

7. Which airports do you fly from?

All of our prices are based on flights from London. We are able on some of our holidays secure group flights – these again are always out of a London airport. For people that aren’t in the London region – it is possible for you to stay in a hotel at the airport.

Some of the regional airports do fly out to the destinations too, this may incur a slight supplement (difference in price from the flights that we have) -please contact us for further information on this.

8.  Are private rooms available?

Private rooms are available on all our overseas holidays are private rooms.

9. I have a larger family, what are the room options?

Hotel rooms usually offer 2 twin beds, plus the option for a third bed – this is predominantly sofa bed style or similar.  Some hotels do offer rooms for 4, again with two twins and a sofa bed, these book up very quickly. A small number of hotels will offer interconnecting rooms though this tends to be a more expensive option. Should you have a family of 4 or a smaller family with specific requirements for your room, please contact us before booking so we can investigate the options available for you. There are occasionally upgrades available should you prefer, though these usually sell out quickly.

10.  My child has a nut allergy.  Will they be safe eating the food provided?

We will always contact the hotel ahead of your arrival with any allergies to seek advice. We have never had a problem with this and all of the hoteliers have been very accommodating with this. – however we (Single With Kids) unfortunately cannot guarantee that they will be entirely nut free, or free of any trace of other allergens (dairy or gluten etc).

11.  I like the look of next year’s holidays – can I reserve my places now?

Yes, holidays can be booked as soon as they are online and there is a “Book Now” button shown on the web page.

12.  Do we have to go on the group excursions?

No!  We’re not a boot camp and you’re free to come and go on the holiday at your leisure.  We will normally organise a group outing each day to a local attraction and it’s entirely up to you if you come along.

13.  Are excursions included in the price?

The age range of children on a holiday often varies from toddlers to teenagers, so not all excursions are suitable for all ages, so we don’t include the cost in the holidays.  We search out the best deals beforehand and then give parents a choice as to which activities they want to be involved in.

For further details on the individual holiday’s sample itineraries then please head over to their individual FAQ page

14.  I have an under 2 – do I have to pay full price ?

On the plane – the baby is to sit on your lap – airlines will charge a small fee – this is normally around 10% of the full fare – however this does differ from airlines.

All of our hotels charge differently (per day/ week) please contact us for more information on this.

15. How do I pre-book extras for the flight?

This can be done any time up until your final balance is paid (12 weeks before departure)

The prices differ depending on which airline you are flying with. Please contact us for a quote events@singlewithkids.co.uk

Please note – extras cannot be added after your final balance has been paid.

 16. What is the role of the Coordinator?

You can find out  who our coordinators are on the about us pages.

There is a page dedicated to the coordinator’s role.

17. What kind of people go on the holidays?

There is a large range of people that come on our holidays – from lawyers to lorry drivers, doctors and nurses, teachers and students, hairdressers and home makers. See some of our guests on this link

18. Will I need any inoculations for the holiday?

The majority of our holidays are in mainland Europe where there are no innoculations needed however we would suggest checking this link for further information.

18. My passport expires in 5 months, am I OK to travel on it?

You need to have 6 months validity on your passport on entry into any non-EU country (e.g Tunisia, Morocco) but please check with your government travel site to check this. If you have a UK passport, please check current passport and visa requirements on the Foreign Office Website

19. Do I need a visa?

If you’re a British Citizen (and we’re still part of the EU), you are unlikely to need anything more  than a valid passport for our European holidays, however please check this on the Foreign Office website.  If you search for the country you’re heading to and look for ‘entry requirements’ this will give you up to date information.

20. Is the location safe?

Unfortunately we live in times where safety is an issue wherever we are and no one can make guarantees – indeed the UK has a terror rating of ‘severe’ with terrorist attacks deemed likely. Whilst at Single With Kids we only offer locations we would happily take our own families, where you holiday is your own personal choice and if you have any concerns about terror threats, please check the Foreign Office Travel Advice 

21. Is travel insurance included?

Personal travel insurance is not included in the price but must be taken out prior to the holiday – please do not rely on a European Health Card as this often leaves many things uncovered, leading to large bills should you have an accident.  We recommend you buying travel insurance as soon as you have paid your deposit for your holiday to make sure you get full benefit from the cancellation cover.

If your question hasn’t been answered here, please email us at events@singlewithkids.co.uk