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Dating for Parents

Posted on by Chrissie Lewandowski

Dating for Parents

When is the time right to start dating again after divorce, separation or bereavement?  There’s no universal answer to this, but one that is proven time and time again brings with it a sense of irony – When you don’t need to. Dating for parents starts with ourselves.

Self esteem and confidence are often the first casualties in a relationship breakdown and often we come out of the separation anxious about being alone, wondering whether we’ll cope, whether we’ll ever meet anyone again, or (after our ex partners have taken us through the mill), whether anyone could possibly love us again.  We will and they will – but not until we’ve learned to love ourselves.

Over the last 5 years we’ve seen the same pattern time and time again on our forum. The despair of the parents who join us in the early days after a divorce, the anxiety about starting again, the fear. Fast forward 2 years and those same parents are out of the mire, positively enjoying life and comfortable in their own skin. They’re not looking for an emotional crutch, but instead realise just how lovable they are and want to share it.

You have a lot to give and only when you realise that are you ready to find someone who will see it too. And if Abba say so, it must be true….

For anyone interested in dipping their toe into the water, online dating is just perfect for single parents – why not check out our parent dating site to see who’s in your area?

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