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Center Parcs – Longleat – Your Questions

Center Parcs – Longleat – Frequently Asked Questions

Our holidays at Center Parcs are always popular, with visits to Center Parcs at Sherwood in February and Longleat Center Parcs during the summer.

Although we try and put as much information as possible on our holiday pages, if you’re new to Single With Kids we’re sure you’ll have more questions! We’ve tried to cover all of these below, if you have any queries that aren’t answered below, please do email us at

The Holiday

1. Do you provide transport?

We have families travelling from all over the UK so can’t provide transport but we do encourage car sharing. Please do post on our forum to see if anyone lives nearby.

2.  I don’t know anyone…

You’re in the majority! Most of the families on the trip will never have met before – your coordinator will arrange get togethers and events to bring the group together. You may be strangers to begin with, you’ll end up leaving as friends.

3. What is the board basis?

This holiday is self catering – there is a supermarket in the Complex that has all of the essentials that you will need. There will also be a number of group meals organised!

 4. What is included in the price of the holiday?

The price of your break includes: your accommodation, bed linen, use of the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, children’s outdoor play areas and any free children’s entertainment, 400 acres of woodland to enjoy, WiFi in central areas. Once you have booked, you will also have access to leisure activities, restaurants and shops.

All of the additional activities that are on site will be charged for. A guide price for activities and restaurants are available, please contact for further details on this.

All of the lodges have private bedrooms – there is shared communal space – dining room, kitchen and outside terrace.

The holiday will be accompanied by a Single With Kids coordinator who will organise group events and outings. These events are not obligatory, feel free to dip in and out as you choose.

5. How big will the group be?

Each lodge will have the maximum of 8 people in them. – 4 bedrooms which have 2 beds in each. On this holiday we have 5 lodges.

Unfortunately there isn’t an option to over occupy the rooms – If you are a 3 person family you need to book and pay for 2 rooms.

6. What group activities will there be?

The proposed itinerary is open to discussion at the welcome buffet on the first night. There will be a spread of activities. that will cater for the ages of the group. None of which are obligatory and you can dip in and out of them as you choose.

7. How do I book the activities?

When your full balance is paid you will be issued with the log on details for the Center Parcs website where you can book the activities (it is advised to book these events before you arrive due to the limited availability of them)

7. Are dogs allowed?

Unfortunately we don’t allow dogs on our holidays.

8. What do I bring for the welcome buffet on the first night?

Something that can be put on the table and can possibly used for the picnic the next day.

9. Do the doors have locks?

There is a main lock on the external door. All of the internal doors don’t have locks.

The Accommodation

1. Is bedding provided ?

Yes, the beds are already made up for your arrival. You do however have to bring towels for both washing and the swimming pool. Tea towels will also be needed

2.  Do we share a lodge with another family?

The lodges have 4 bedrooms, each bedroom for a family. You will have your own private room but the communal areas (lounge / diner) and bathroom are shared. This makes the holiday a much more sociable and enjoyable experience – you’re not sat alone in a lodge when the children are in bed. It’s also a great way of getting to know people well and making new friends.

3. Is there parking outside the property?

Center Parcs operate a car free zone – however you can park outside your villa whilst you unload your car then go and park in the main car park.

4. What other things do I need to bring?

Basic cleaning equipment is provided – you will need to bring washing up liquid, cleaning liquids (e.g. anti bac for the kitchen work tops), bin liners and tea towels.
Toilet roll – it is surprising how much you get through!!
Towels – swimming and bath!

5. What is the check in/out times?

You can arrive in the Village from 2pm where you can use the swimming pool. You are able to check in your lodge from 3 pm.

Check out is at 10 am on the day of departure, however you are able to stay on site for the remainder of the day.

6. Is there WiFi there?

There is no WiFi in the lodges however there are WiFi hotspots in all of the guest areas including the restaurants and bars.


The Resort

Situated in the beautiful Longleat Estate is the simply stunning, Longleat Forest. The hilly landscape is truly spectacular and you’ll see hundred-year-old Giant Redwoods. To get around, you can cycle, walk or catch the land train which is exclusive to Longleat Forest.

1.  Can I bring my own bike?

Yes you can bring your own bikes – providing that they are in good condition and  you have preregistered them.

2. What is the nearest train station?

This is in Warminster, which is approximately 4 miles away (15 minutes)  from Center Parcs. A taxi from here will cost approximately £12.00

3.  Where is the nearest shop?

There are shops in the village for all the essentials.

If your question hasn’t been answered here, please email us at

You can also find more general questions on the UK FAQ page!