Camping essentials -

Camping essentials

Posted on by Chrissie Lewandowski

Never camped before? Daunted by what to take? Don’t be!  You can have an enjoyable holiday without packing everything but the kitchen sink or spending a fortune beforehand, in fact in many cases you can beg or borrow or adapt some of your usual household equipment to fit the bill. We’ve listed below the essentials, the nice-to-haves and then the “if-there’s room” equipment for your trip. Now all you need is your sense of humour…

Camping Essentials List

  • Tent
  • TENT PEGS  (so easy to forget, and yes, I’ve done it too!)
  • Mallet – a household hammer will work too if you don’t want to buy one, just be careful you don’t bend the pegs.
  • Ground sheet (unless this is sewn in)
  • Sleeping bags – make sure these are warm or bring some extra blankets to go on top
  • Air beds or camping mats – don’t try and lie on the ground, it’s very cold and very, very uncomfortable.
  • Thick socks and warm pyjamas
  • Cutlery and plates. Disposable is best as it saves on the washing up and is one less thing to carry home.
  • Cups – ditto (though it’s best to bring a mug for hot drinks)
  • Torch or lantern
  • Tea bags / coffee / sugar and some milk
  • Something to cook on – you can pick up gas rings for under £10, or alternatively if you’re not bothered about hot drinks, simply pack a couple of disposable barbecues for your dinner.
  • Pan & Kettle
  • Toiletries – include a pack of baby wipes, ideal for a quick ‘camping wash’
  • Waterproof coats and shoes (just in case)
  • A little wine or beer and some marshmallows for around the campfire
  • Spare clothes – unless you want to be a “real” camper and wear the same lot all weekend ;D
  • WARM clothes- layers are often better as you can shed these as the sun comes out.
  • Towels

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Camping ‘Nice To Haves’ List

  • Chairs or mat to sit on (Tesco and Asda sell camping chairs cheap)
  • Table
  • Water container – though buying a large bottle of mineral water can be cheap.
  • Washing up bowl / Fairy liquid / tea towel


Camping ‘If There’s Room’ List

  • Children ;D  – not essential of course but they probably wouldn’t be too happy at being left behind 🙂
  • Games – bats / balls/ buckets/ spades etc
  • Music
  • Colouring books / pens for a little quiet time in the tent


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