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Bulgaria Ski Holiday – 5 Benefits of Choosing a Single Parent Ski Holiday

Posted on by Christine Felton

Bulgaria Ski

Seeking adventure, action and an exciting experience with the kids? Have you thought about a Bulgaria ski holiday? Now, have you thought about a Single With Kids Bulgaria Ski Holiday?

Bulgaria Ski Holidays for Single Parents – the benefits

What are the benefits of booking a holiday for single parents? Well, here’s just a few (for you, your children and your purse):

1) Friends for the kids

No need to worry about the kids being bored or whether after the slopes your dwindling energy levels will be able to sit through “one more game” of Go Fish! There are children of all ages on a single parent holiday, so there will always be someone for them to buddy up with. Single With Kids holidays really are a great way for your children to build some new relationships, and the goodbye tears at the end of each holiday (from kids and adults!) are short-lived when they realise they will see them at the next Single With Kids event.

Ski Holidays 2015 | Bulgaria Ski | Single With Kids

2) Friends for the adults!

Friends for the kids, check. But what about the adults? For many parents, the idea of holidaying alone with their children is what drove them to seek out single parent holidays in the first place, and was incidentally how the idea for Single With Kids was conceived. Who wants to sit up alone twiddling their thumbs after the kids have gone to bed? In this fun, friendly setting you are free to dip in and out of planned activities, so you can spend as much or as little time with the group as you want. The point is: they are still there! Want to pop up to your room to grab something without packing up your whole life? There’s bound to be someone around to watch your belongings and keep an eye on your children.

3) Have your holiday planned for you

Want to get the best out of your time away and fit in as many fun activities as you can? There are two major problems with doing this on your own: 1) the price – adding extras onto holiday packages is usually where the price starts becoming ridiculous and 2) having to do all the planning and organising yourself. Each of our holidays for single parents is accompanied by a Single With Kids coordinator, who will oversee the whole holiday, plan any group excursions or activities as well as be your first port of call should you need a hand on holiday.

Bulgaria Ski | Single With Kids

4) Safety in numbers

Fingers crossed, you won’t get to experience this benefit; but should you need it, Single With Kids is able to support you through any accidents or mishaps while away with the kids. As Vicky, who sent time in hospital on her Menorca holiday found out, a single parent holiday can be a godsend when things go wrong. The coordinator and group were able to pack up all of Vicky’s belongings so that she wouldn’t miss her flight home, and working behind the scenes our Single With Kids office staff were able to communicate the necessary details with the hospital. Read Vicky’s post-holiday letter to SWK to hear about how regardless of mum’s hospital trip, the kids still had a fantastic holiday.

5) The price!

Possibly the sweetest part of our Bulgaria Ski holiday, the price! This all-in ski holiday means you aren’t going to have any nasty surprises with the price. The price you are quoted is the price you pay; and with all these great aspects included why wouldn’t you get your Bulgaria Ski holiday quote today?

Included in Bulgaria Ski holidays: 6 day lift pass

  1. Ski, boots and helmet hire
  2. Group tuition (available for all levels – beginner, intermediate or advanced)
  3. Snowboarding is available for those who want to try it out
  4. 4 star hotel in beautiful Borovetz resort
  5. Indoor pool, sauna, fitness centre
  6. Breakfast and 3 course buffet style evening meal


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