Single With Kids Holiday Team

Meet Our Holiday Team

The Single With Kids Holiday Team

There are a number of people working behind the scenes to make your Single With Kids holiday run as smoothly as possible – from dealing with your initial enquiries through to arranging the events and get togethers during your holiday.  It always helps to put a face to a name so we’ve given you a little information about some of the Holiday Team you may come across when holidaying with Single With Kids.

Your Holiday Coordinator

All of our Single With Kids group holidays are accompanied by a holiday coordinator, whether this is a UK break or overseas holiday.  Your coordinator will be at your accommodation ready to meet you upon arrival and stays with the group for the duration of the break. Unlike on mass package holidays, our Single With Kids holiday team are not resort representatives who visit you for 15 minutes each day to sell you excursions and then move onto another hotel, but instead they stay with the group, making sure arrangements go smoothly and planning events and get-togethers to bring the families together.   This not only helps the social aspect of the holiday, but it ensures that if anything goes wrong, your coordinator is on hand to help – reading this post will give you a further insight into this!   Your coordinator isn’t a child minder or carer, but will be on hand to oversee your break in a friendly way. Itineraries will be planned depending on the type of holiday in question, with relaxation and evening campfires the flavour of our camping trips, through to busy adventure-packed plans on some overseas events. Most of our Single With Kids holiday team are single parents themselves so instinctively understand  how daunting it can be if it’s your first time travelling with Single With Kids, or indeed on your first holiday as a single parent family, and can hopefully help in making this an easier step for you. Anyone who’s been on a Single With Kids’ holiday is likely to recognise one or two of the faces below, all of whom are well versed in leading our single parent groups, from smaller UK breaks through to fully fledged overseas adventures.

Photo of Elaine


Elaine lives in sunny Eastbourne with her son Calder and works in personnel at the local secondary schools Calder attends.  She discovered Single with Kids when Calder was 6 years old, just as it was getting off the ground in 2008 and he is now 15. She says they” haven’t looked back and wouldn’t holiday any other way; Calder assures me, he will still want to do it when he is 18!”   Elaine has been on a variety of holidays from camping to 5 star all inclusive and everything in between, co-ordinating holidays in the UK as well as Majorca, Tunisia, Cyrus and Turkey, where they’ve met some wonderful people who have now become friends.

“Elaine the coordinator did an amazing job of making sure everyone was happy and took what they were looking for in the holiday. Well done Elaine!”
Clare, Cyprus

Photo of Cath


Cath lives in Cardiff with her son Tom who is 12.  She first discovered Single With Kids in 2010 and has since been camping, glamping and to foreign shores. Cath prefers sunnier spots but very much thinks ” it’s not where you are, but who you’re with, and with SWK there’s always someone to have fun with!”

“Cath is fab! She should be a coordinator on every trip! A lovely person”
Janet & Connor, Majorca

Photo of Anna


Anna is teacher of children both big and small, and used to managing large groups. She’s travelled widely in Europe and South America (living for several years in Colombia). Anna speaks fluent Spanish and loves the opportunity to use it, shes happy camping in fields as well as holidaying in more luxurious surroundings. Both her children are following in their mother’s footsteps and are very enthusiastic and adaptable when it comes to travelling, all three are ready for a challenge!

“Coordinator Anna was really good and helpful, friendly and accommodating”
Lisa, Alcudia

Photo of Sarah G.

Sarah G.

Sarah is a primary school head teacher in her home county of Lincolnshire, where she lives with her son Alex. She tentatively discovered SWK in 2009 when she took the leap to join our Majorca holiday and hasn’t looked back, having travelled and coordinated holidays from Croatia to Turkey.

“Sarah was a brilliant coordinator as well as being a great person to meet on holiday.”
Justine, Portugal


Grant and his son Morgan are camp regulars and well known to all who enjoy our camping breaks. Grant has been coordinating our camps, along with fellow coordinator Bill, for a few years now and is an experienced camper who aims to put all our SWK campers at ease throughout their holiday. Happiest in a field, he has camped all over the UK and has a vast knowledge on all camping matters!

When he’s not camping, Grant coordinates some of our UK breaks.

Photo of Bill


Bill is another SWK regular and single dad, who has been supporting Single With Kids for many years. An avid camper, Bill coordinates our camps along with Grant. Bill loves everything about camping and has raised all of his children to enjoy the great outdoors. Experienced and knowledgeable, Bill is able to offer great advice to camp novices.

Bill also coordinates some of our UK breaks putting his knowledge of different locations to good use.


Having been an SWK member for many years, Claire and her son Zak have coordinated several UK and Overseas trips for Single With Kids. Her calm and friendly personality is ideal for putting new and old SWKers at ease so that everyone feels included and enjoys their holiday.

Photo of Tina


Tina used to live in Crete working for a tour operator and although she now lives in Manchester (her home town) .Her love of travel means she frequently escapes the famous Mancunian rain for sunnier climes. Her friends and family often refer to her as Dora the Explorer! When Tina is at home she works as a Massage Therapist in her own practice and she is dab hand at putting nervous clients at ease.  Tina is a proud Aunty to 12 year old Thomas and 18 month old Gregory.

Photo of Chrissie


The inspiration behind Single With Kids, Chrissie came across the idea after a couple of lonely camping breaks post separation. In between the normal office stuff, camping is still close to her heart and she’s usually found on a muddy field somewhere with another 50 or so happy campers. A single parent, her girls are now 14 and 15 and and think that a holiday’s not a holiday unless you’ve another 20 children on the break with you.

Sarah W

Sarah is part of the furniture here at Single With Kids having joined in 2008 and coordinated many holidays for us since then with her son Jay. Sarah is a keen traveler and knowledgeable on all aspects of holidays particularly in the Mediterranean, she works hard to make sure everyone is included and enjoys their family holiday with SWK. Although Sarah coordinates many of the overseas holidays she is also happy camping in her folding caravan on the SWK camps.