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7 fun (and surprising facts) about Lanzarote

Posted on by Christine Felton

Lanzarote is well known as a sunny holiday island, for single parents and couples alike, with its great beaches and glorious sunshine. However, there’s more to know about Lanzarote than you might think – read on for our 7 surprising facts about the oldest and fourth largest of the Canary Islands…

1. It makes its own wine.

The island of Lanzarote has its very own wine-making region, called La Geria. The landscape here makes it possible to grow vines in high winds, and the range of dry, medium and sweet wines produced is known to be quite excellent.

2. You can cook steaks on rocks in the Timanfaya national park.

In Lanzarote’s most popular attraction, the park features amazing volcanoes and surreal coloured lava fields, but one of the most interesting thing about the park is that the heat of the volcano is used for cooking steaks and fish for visitors. The grill consists simply of nine layers of volcanic rock, which surprisingly makes for the perfect cooking pit.

3. Its national dish is Mojo potatoes.

Tapas is, of course, hugely popular in Lanzarote, but there is another part of the island’s cuisine which proves attractive to couples and single parent families holidaying there. It’s the national dish, Mojo potatoes, also known as Canarian wrinkly potatoes, which consists simply of baked potatoes – which, in Lanzarote, are absolutely massive – in green and red pepper sauces. Yum!

4. It has a secret lagoon.

If you walk past the rocky lava fields on the island’s west coast, you’ll discover a very unusual sight – the secret lagoon! Tucked into red cliffs and black volcanic landscapes is a small lagoon, one which is a striking jade colour. Like many of the landscapes in Lanzarote, it’s like being on another world.

5. It has a black sand beach.

If you’ve never seen a black sand beach before, only found in volcanic destinations such as the Canary Islands, you’ll be amazed when you first set foot on one. The sand is generally soft and silky, but its striking colour is what makes it so memorable. The island has plenty of gorgeous white and golden sandy beaches, and plenty of great swimming areas, but a visit to the black sand beach of Playa Quemada is a must.

6. It has a valley of a thousand palms.

This beautiful description is another name for the Haria Valley, in which you will find the densest concentration of Canarian palm trees in the world. Why so many palms? Historically (and rather unfairly), two palms were planted for every baby boy born and one for every girl, literally filling this gorgeous valley with lush greenery.

7. It’s one of the best surfing spots in Europe.

If you’re a fan of watersports, you’ll be in heaven on a single parent holiday in Lanzarote. Popular surfing spots are Caleto Caballo and Caleta de Famara, while windsurfers will have a whale of a time at Los Cucharas beach. You can also enjoy cruises from Orzola to nearby island, or even pop underwater in a submarine excursion from Puerto Calero to view the island’s rich marine life.

There is plenty to know about Lanzarote, but to experience it in person why not consider our fabulous Canary Isle Summer single parent holiday?

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