5 amazing things you didn’t know about the Gower Peninsula -

5 amazing things you didn’t know about the Gower Peninsula

Posted on by Chrissie Lewandowski

If you know where to look, you’ll find that the UK is absolutely full to bursting with hidden gems. One of these is the Gower Peninsula in South Wales, which has all the beautiful scenery, activities and attractions you could ask for in a Wales holiday but which is often overlooked.

1.  It has the best beach in Britain

Rhossili Bay in Gower was voted the No 1 Best Beach in Britain, as well as being 3rd in Europe and 10th in the world. This breath-taking beach – from which you can see for miles, all the way to North Devon – scooped the accolade in the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards 2013, which is voted for by people who’ve actually been on family holidays in Wales.

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Incidentally, Rhossili Bay was also named the UK’s No. 1 dog-friendly beach by the Times and the coastal cliff overlooking it as Britain’s Best Picnic Spot by the British Guild of Travel Writers.


2. It was the UK’s first ever Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The Gower Peninsula was given the prestigious title back in 1956 before any other area, due to its miles of coastline, stunning beaches, sandy bays and fascinating cave formations. Views from high points in the peninsula are truly amazing, which is what makes the area such a great location for memorable holidays in Wales.

3.  It has the 7th most photographed sunset in the world

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Worm’s Head at Rhossili, which is the westernmost point of the peninsula,  is not only a landmark feature and hugely popular Wales holidays tourist attraction but it’s also a mile-long stretch believed to be one of the most breath-taking and most photographed sunsets in the whole world.

4.  The world’s very first and oldest human remains were found in its limestone caves – along with a mammoth tusk!

The Gower Peninsula is not only a very scenic spot for family holidays in Wales, but it also has great historic importance. In 1823, the first ever human remains were found in Goat’s Hill Cave near Port Eynon. Called the Red Lady of Paviland (who later turned out to be a man, rather spoiling the local legend), the skeleton was believed to be over 33,000 years old, which is still the oldest burial of its kind in Western Europe.

5.  It’s had a starring role on Doctor Who

Gower Peninsula Family Holidays The dramatic scenery of Worm’s Head at Rhossili Bay was featured in the Doctor Who episode ‘New Earth’, and the village of Rhossili was also a location for the spin-off series Torchwood. Producer of both series’ and Swansea native Russell T Davies said of filming in Gower:

“I’m immensely proud of where I’m from and quite like the opportunity to show places like Rhossili to the world.”

So, basically what we’re saying is – the Gower Peninsula is absolutely beautiful and well worth a visit! In fact, we like this hidden gem so much that we’ve chosen Gower for our Welsh Beach Holiday in April, where we may even discover more amazing things about the Peninsula…

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