' An absolutely fab weekend – maybe on top of the list for best hols! The kids have really enjoyed themselves and so did us big kids too!

- Theresa and Ben, 5 '


What do our holidaymakers think of Single With Kids’ holidays?


Nothing speaks volumes like the opinions of our single parent families

Thousands of single parent families have holidayed with Single With Kids over the years, from Lapland to the Lakes, and we’ve had some fabulous feedback. Take a look at some of these testimonials and find out what other holidaymakers think of our single parent holidays.

Amie and Lucie, 2 - (Pembroke)

" I never imagined that I would enjoy a single parent holiday, and to be honest I nearly cancelled it so many times, but now I am so so glad that I didn’t! It was 100 times better than I ever imagined it would be and we both enjoyed every moment of it!

I have never been on a holiday before that has been so jam packed full of fun, laughter, friendship and good times! The other parents there were just such lovely people and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to spend every evening out in the fresh air with a nice bottle of wine, good company, good conversation and lots of laughs! I was also blown away by how lovely all the children were and how much they all looked out for each other and enjoyed playing together.

The venue was fab and the surrounding area was beautiful with so much to do! I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work that you put in (which I know was a LOT!) to make this holiday so enjoyable for everyone – I know you had a lot of early morning cleaning up sessions to do from all of our late nights! What you do is provide a fantastic service and opportunity to the people who need it the most, and it has certainly left me feeling so much more positive about being a single parent – in fact I don’t think I ever want to do a couples holiday again!! Thank you so much for everything. "

Sam and Beth, 10 - (Pembroke)

" Beth had a fantastic time with new friends. This is a big part of our going away with SWK. She gets friends to play with 24/7 and I get a rest and some adult company. Stunning location with very friendly staff. Great caterers for several nights. So nice to be spared the cooking and delicious food! Been on 5 Single With Kids breaks and never been disappointed yet. Can’t wait for the next one. How’s that for an honest compliment? "

Jackie, Joseph, 17 and Daniel, 7 - (Morocco)

" Daniel, Joe and I have had a lovely time. All entertained in our own ways – all happy, all chilled. Food great, fun great. For myself, there was especially inspirational, intelligent, excellent and amusing adult company. Thank you all!

Alan, 14 - (Morocco)

" I’ve had a great time, met lots of new people and enjoyed myself! The pool and sea were great and the food was lovely. Elaine was brill for organising and I especially enjoyed the sand buggies. It’s been great – thanks Elaine! "

Debi, Matthew, 11 and Chris, 7 - (Hargate)

" Another fantastic weekend – we all had a ball. Thank you to everyone who did the organising and the food etc. Great to see friends old and new. My social life was never this good when I was married and I’m proud to be part of such a fantastic group of wonderful people. "

Rachel and Cali, 9 - (Lakes in May)

" Our first SWK trip and it couldn't have been better! Stunning location and a lovely group of people. A great experience for parents and children and lots of new friendships. Thank you Laura for being a great coordinator! "

Julie and Jonas, 5 - (New Year in the Cotswolds)

" Just to say thank you for the company and the fun. Jonas has had the most amazing time and you’ve helped me manage a difficult time in my life – I appreciate it. I’ll be on another trip soon! Happy New Year! "

Jane, Alice, 7 and Sophie, 5 - (Center Parcs)

" Elaine was a superb co-ordinator - perfectly pitched organisation, very understated - she made sure everyone was included but was never pushy if anyone fancied doing their own thing. I really appreciated having the itinerary e-mailed before the holiday as it's great to know what is planned and it helped with organising meals out, etc.

We have been to Center Parcs twice before with SWK and this was the best visit ever! It was wonderful to see the children get on so well and gain such confidence during the holiday. The highlight of the holiday for me was when the two kind mums we were sharing with kindly took my two daughters down a water slide and I actually managed to swim by myself - bliss! I can't wait to book again for next year! Fantastic holiday for both children and parents - so much to do. "

Roy and Mia, 9 - (Majorca)

" It was a lovely holiday and great that all the parents and children got on so well. My daughter was sad that we only stayed 7 days! The highlight? The lovely people that we shared the holiday with and the fun we all had together. "

Paul and Scarlett, 5 - (Morocco)

" The holiday was excellent - a good crowd with loads of team spirit, cooperation and assistance, which was especially useful for me with a 5 year old child. Great weather, lovely hotel. Elaine’s hard work and commitment to ensure the group had a smooth holiday was a credit to her. Well done SWK! "

Vickie and Alfie, 5 - (Lakes in May)

" A truly fabulous 'initiation' weekend into SWK! Alfie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to many more SWK holidays, and just hope this weekend is the beginning of many new and exciting journeys! "

Shaun and Paris, 7 - (Lapland)

" Amazing holiday, fantastic group - a real magical Christmas! "

Sarah and Lucy, 8 - (Pembroke)

" We both made friends easily and felt comfortable right away. It was lovely to be with people in the same situation and share experiences, gain confidence from many aspects of conversation. It was great to see all the kids playing and be able to chat, laugh and relax with new friends. It was different to anything we've done but overall a positive, fun and memorable holiday for us both.

It was a beautiful place and there was plenty to do. The accommodation was clean and nice. The co-ordinators were lovely and helpful. We had a lovely break, we met great people in a safe, fun, beautiful place. We would definitely book another trip and recommend this one. It was enjoyable, fun, safe and relaxing!

Gemma and Jude, 4 - (South Coast at Easter)

" We had a wonderful time. The accommodation was amazing and so were the people. Sarah was a fantastic coordinator, she made us feel at ease straight away and was very friendly. The highlight? The nights spent as a group having a buffet or a barbeque in the lodges. It was really good to get to know everyone and let the children play together and have the freedom to run around. We really, really enjoyed it and I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't love the holiday too. "

Anne-Marie and Tristan, 6 - (Littlehampton)

" Sally (the coordinator) was lovely. She did a great job at making me feel comfortable since it was my first trip. It was nice to get away and let my son just enjoy himself. We had a lovely time and I have already recommended it to my friends. Holiday can be lonely when it’s just you with your child, but this way you get to meet other people and your child can have company and fully enjoy themselves. "

Jill, Katie, 12 and Sophie, 7 - (South Coast at Easter)

" Very relaxed, nice site – loved the hot tub, the children spent 90% of their time in it. Excellent coordinator. There was plenty of opportunity to participate and do a lot as the co-ordinator was brilliant at organising and making sure everybody was happy. I however, found that all the mums in our lodge got on so well and we were happy relaxing around the lodge a lot of the time. All the kids got on great and were happy just playing and jumping in and out of the hot tub and scootering around the site. It was a great chance to relax and not feel that we had to be dashing off anywhere. I even read my book! Great would definitely book again. "

Simon and Joshua, 10 - (Morocco New Year)

" Quality time with son and quality people. Single With Kids has totally changed how I view holidays with my son. A great experience for Josh and I. Great group and a wonderful coordinator Elaine. Really appreciate all of the thoughtfulness and the considerate approach. Josh and I both had a great week. Thank you – we will be booking again.

Beverley, Elisha, 9 and Lydia, 4 - (Sherwood)

" Our second SWK holiday and better than the first – even more fab! We have had a fantastic time. The accommodation is lovely, the kids have had so much fun making friends and getting fresh air – what more do you need! We have all had so much fun. "

Natalie, 16 - (Morocco New Year)

" Just what I needed – a quick burst of sunshine before I get back to the studying and busy year ahead. It was a lovely holiday with lovely memories that we will always remember, like the New Year’s Day excursion where I learnt to drive for the first time in a dune buggy with my mum screaming down my ear!

Yvonne and Fionn, 17 months - (Sherwood)

" Although been on a few meets, this is my first SWK holiday and it lived up to its reputation and more. Absolutely fabulous, laughed so much my sides hurt and great to meet so many fantastic people. Myself and Fionn will definitely be going on more. "

Sarah and Oliver, 8 - (The Lakes in May)

" Thank you for organising such a fun weekend and giving us loads of opportunities to bond as a group. It’s been great to see all the kids getting on and letting us mums relax and get to know each other. Lots of laughter and wine – just what we all needed! It has been such a great introduction to SWK and I’m sure we’ll do another holiday as soon as we can. "

Kirsty and Maddie, 5 - (Camp Yorkshire)

" It was fantastic! Lots of friends for Maddie, and I really appreciated the chance to chill out with a lovely bunch of people. Effectively 20 babysitters, the way we all looked out for one another’s kids and felt comfortable doing so. Will definitely be back! Would like to say thanks. Both Maddie and I blossomed on this holiday. It has shown me that I can cope with anything life throws at me because no matter how it feels when I’m at home with all my coupled up friends, I’m not unusual and there are people in the same boat. And what’s more they are fantastic people who I really want to keep in touch with. It may sound a bit sappy but coming away with SWK has totally changed my outlook on life. (Don’t you think that a lot of the time we were having way more fun than the ‘traditional’ families?!) Thanks again x "

Linda, Bethany 16, Phoebe, 13 and Liberty 6 - (20+ SWK holidays)

" We have had the most amazing two years with SWK and been on about 20 holidays. My girls absolutely love their trips away so they’re not missing out on holidays. The SWK trips are so fantastic that the girls will be talking about them nostalgically as adults. "