Pembroke 2018

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4th AND 11th August 2018

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Pembroke 2018

One of the UK’s hidden treasures, this is our sixth visit to this popular location. Pembroke is a fabulous destination for a family holiday. Miles and miles of unspoiled, golden sandy beaches and yet strangely uncrowded.

If any place is defined by its coastline, it’s Pembrokeshire. Soaring headlands give way to sheltered coves, big beaches end abruptly at sheer cliffs, placid estuaries flow into fabulous, west-facing seas Although the county is synonymous with the sea, there are inland attractions too. The National Park’s boundary takes a detour to surround the Preseli Hills, a natural fortress to prehistoric man. This smooth, green upland expanse, dotted with mysterious ancient sites and dipped in Arthurian legend, was the source of the bluestones that found their way – somehow – to Stonehenge over 150 miles away. The charming walled town of Pembroke dates back over 900 years and its famous Norman Castle, one of Britain’s finest and one of the best known in Wales. Along the main street with its predominance of Georgian buildings you’ll find a variety of small shops, banks and restaurants. The mill pond runs parallel to the main street and is a peaceful spot to watch the swans, herons, ducks and other water birds. You may even be lucky enough to spot an otter.

Where We're Staying

We’re staying in an area a few miles from the town of Pembroke and beside the Bosheston Lily Ponds – an area of outstanding natural beauty. We’re surrounded by countryside and there’s a beautiful beach within walking distance. This rural location is ideal for families with main supermarkets 15-20 minutes away in Pembroke.


We have 2 dates for this popular holiday: 6 night holiday from

Saturday 4th August 2017 to Friday 10th August 2018
Saturday 11th August to Friday Friday 17th August 2018


Our accommodation is a National Trust group property located in Stackpole in Pembrokeshire. The post code for sat navs is SA71 5DQ. The nearest train station is in Pembroke, approximately 5 mile away.

Family Ages

Suitable for all ages, the accommodation is in a great location to allow the kids to be “free range” and with beaches, coastal towns and scenery there’s something for all. Children aged under 2 can be accommodated for a nominal charge if their parent books a single room and bring their own carry cot.

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4th AND 11th August 2018

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Set at the heart of the National Trust’ Stackpole Estate, the Stackpole centre is a converted farm offering a unique complex of group houses of varying sizes. Facilities include an outdoor play area as well as proximity to an extensive network of footpaths linking the lake shores, woods, cliffs, sand dunes and limestone grassland. The magnificent beaches of Barafundle and Broadhaven are close by, with the renowned Bosheston Lilyponds immediately adjacent. Please note, as a rural location there is no (or very limited) mobile signal at our accommodation however there is free wifi in the lobby area.

What's Included

This is a self-catering holiday and the cost includes accommodation for 6 nights in single, double and family rooms in comfortable family properties with a number of private rooms and shared communal areas including catering-style kitchens, dining rooms and lounge areas. There are  no locks on any rooms and Single With Kids has exclusive use of the centre.

There are now also a small number of shared rooms available for a lower cost option on this trip (these would hold two or three families) and are suitable for families with children aged 4 or over, or sharing with friends. We always put families with parents of the same gender together in these instances.

Please note – two person rooms could be a twin bed room or double bed.

Things To Do

There’s much fun to be had on Pembroke’s beaches, whether walking the coastal path, simply relaxing in the sun or surfing . In Pembroke town, the Castle with its endless rooms, spiral stone staircases, passages and turrets will occupy you for hours. It affords fine views of the town and surrounding countryside and waterways. There’s also a museum and during the summer months an extensive programme of dramatic events, reenactments and festivals takes place within its walls. As the coastline becomes St.Bride’s bay many tiny coves and sandy beaches nestle behind rocky crags. The coastal village of Solva has a pretty leisure harbour, with boat trips a great way of enjoying the scenery whilst spotting marine and shore based wildlife. The more active can hire a bike or walk along the coastal path. The traditional seaside town of Tenby is within a short drive, Oakwood Theme Park is also a good day out, there are also a number of family orientated attractions close by. There will be an event organised each day by your holiday coordinators, families can dip in and out of this as they wish.

Sample Itinerary

Below is a sample itinerary for the week although this is naturally weather dependent. (There are a number of wet weather attractions nearby if necessary, fortunately we’ve rarely needed these!).

Saturday: Arrive from 3.30pm. Evening get together

Sunday: Walk to Broadhaven beach from our accommodation along the Bosherston Lily Ponds (the beach is also accessible by car). Beach picnic.  Return to accommodation for evening meal

Monday:  Heatherton Activity Park (older children) or Folly Farm (younger children). Group evening meal

Tuesday: Boat trip to Caldey Island with lunch on the island. Evening campfire and marshmallows

Wednesday: Morning visit to Pembroke Castle followed by surfing at Freshwater Beach.

Thursday: Day in Tenby  – town visit followed by fish & chips on the beach.

Friday: Departure day although a number of families usually make the most of the beach on their final day.

Any queries? Please email us at


Prices coming soon....

Prices & Booking

There are a mix of rooms available in our group properties: single, twin/double and larger shared rooms.

Private rooms (ie only for you and your children) and shared rooms which is a room shared with another family.

The price includes 6 nights self catering accommodation. The holiday will be accompanied by a Single With Kids coordinator who will arrange group events throughout the break.

There are a few ensuite rooms that available for a supplement of £25 per person! Please write on the booking form if you would like an ensuite room and we will let you know if these are available.


Prices coming soon….


This will be our sixth visit to this location, one of our favourite UK holiday destinations. Below are a selection of reviews from previous holidaymakers to this location.

Karen & Joe 9, Sam 7 - (Pembroke 2016)

" Great location and beaches. The stackpole centre is great. The kids can be free and safe while you relax. Great for kids. Time and opportunity for adults to relax. I would go again.

Rob and Jack - (Pembroke )

" “It was one of the best holidays I have ever had, and Jack has already asked me to take him again. Pembroke/Stackpole is a terrific destination with loads to do in the surrounding areas, but everyone is great, and really friendly. The kids all play well together. A lovely bunch of adults and children!” "

Helen & Daniel 13 - (Pembroke 2016)

" These holidays take away the feeling of isolation you can feel holidaying alone with your children and allow you to relax and socialise with other in a similar situation.

Trevor and Jacob - (Pembroke )

" Exceptional value for money and very well hosted as usual by Chrissie! Jacob cried when he left…enough said! "

Ian and Holly, Emily, Matthew - (Pembroke)

" Worth every penny! "

Kate & Joshua 11 - (Pembroke 2016)

" This was the best SWK holiday my son and I have ever had. It was fantastic!!! We both had a fabulous time and would recommend the holiday to anyone. This was a brilliant trip!! My son and I took part in all the group activities and these were fantastic - a really good mix of paid-for activities and free beach days. I could not fault the itinerary at all! The location was lovely, the weather was great and the people were fab. It was so great to get outdoors every day with the kids and have fun. I really enjoyed the sing-songs with Phil and the others in the evening too.


Anon - (Pembroke 2016)

" Wonderful for my boy as an only child to have a sociable friend and fun filled holiday. Beaching with a group is a hell of a lot more fun than a week with just the two of you.

Joanna & Theo 6 - (Pembroke 2016)

" Great way to meet other single parents and have a group of playmates for children. Beautiful, peaceful location, lots to do, stunning beaches.

Lisa & Sean 9, Ewan 7 - (Pembroke 2016)

" Fun time spent with other chilled out mums. Camp fire singing, swimming in the sea, chatting on the walks to the beach, knowing the boys were happy while I relaxed with other parents. Just lovely to spend time with other parents enjoying a much needed break knowing that your children are happy playing with lots of new friends.


Eva & Carolina 6 - (Pembroke 2016)

" I enjoyed very much the accommodation, the beach and the company but my daughter loved everything even more and that was my priority.She made lots of friends and had a great time with them.

Jo & Lucy 13, Fabian 7 - (Pembroke 2015)

" BBQ and camp fire singing was great especially cake and candles on my birthday. Grant and his able assistant Phil we're a brilliant double act and had just the right balance between co ordinating and fun. Best holiday we've had in a long time. We all had friends to play with and have already arranged to meet up next half term. "

Yvette & Jodie 8 - (Pembroke 2015)

" Brilliant ..... If I could have dreamt up the perfect holiday for my very active 8 year old lady, this would be it. Grant was superb with ideas of things to do as well "

Kathryn & Michael 3 - (Pembroke 2015)

" Great for the kids! to have a big group of kids to play with and adults to talk to and go on group outings with makes the holiday so much more enjoyable. We're thoroughly knackered by the end of the week, but all for good reasons, happy little boy = happy mum. "

Sue & Jack 7, Annie 5 - (Pembroke 2015)

" My children made friends instantly, the location was fantastic, beautiful beaches and so much to do in the area. There was always someone to chat with and there was never a time where either of my children felt bored or lonely. "

Rachel & Tess 5 - (Pembroke 2015)

" Really great that grant and Phil went to the trouble of organizing a couple of group evenings... Really made the holiday, especially for the kids. "

Joanna & Konya 5 - (Pembroke 2015)

" We both enjoyed the holiday - I had grown ups to chat too and my daughter had children to play with and we got out to the seaside. "

Debbie & Harrison 6 - (Pembroke 2015)

" First time, initially apprehensive but loved it. "

Amie and Lucie - (Pembroke)

" “I never imagined that I would enjoy a single parent holiday, and to be honest I nearly cancelled it so many times and now I am so so glad that I didn’t! It was 100 times better than I ever imagined it would be & we both enjoyed every moment of it!
I have never been on a holiday before that has been so jammed packed full of fun, laughter, friendship & good times! The other parents there were just such lovely people and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to spend every evening out in the fresh air with a nice bottle of wine, good company, good conversation & lots of laughs! I was also blown away by how lovely all the children were and how much they all looked out for each other and enjoyed playing together.
The venue was fab and the surrounding area was beautiful with so much to do! I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work that you put in (which I know was a LOT!) to make this holiday so enjoyable for everyone – I know you had a lot of early morning cleaning up sessions to do from all of our late nights! What you do is provide a fantastic service and opportunity to the people who need it the most, and it has certainly left me feeling so much more positive about being a single parent – in fact I don’t think I ever want to do a couples holiday again!! Thank you so much for everything” "

Sheila and Kids - (Pembroke )

" Hiya all,
We got back from Pembroke at 4.45 and we had an absolutely fabulous time, it was great to meet up with friends old and new and we will see some of you again soon.
I just want to say a big thank you to Chrissie and Richard you have made such a huge difference in our lives we go to places now that we have only dreamed of going to before and we always have a great time whatever the weather ” "

Judy and Children - (Pembroke )

" We had a lovely holiday. The estate is stunning and the centre was an ideal base for exploring the area and the lovely beaches. We had lots of laughs and enjoyed meeting everyone. The children loved the holiday and made loads of friends. "

Lorraine and Robert - (Pembroke )

" The location was absolutely fantastic and we had some great days out and fun nights. Chrissie made us feel very welcome and could not have been better as a coordinator. "

Lorraine and George - (Pembroke)

" Accommodation was good. Plenty was suggested as to itinerary, and the destinations were very high quality. The evening entertainment was also of high quality, as was the food. Chrissie was attentive, sensitive and fun and made everyone feel part of the team atmosphere. There was a good feel of safeness surrounding both the grown ups and the children and the play area was very useful "

Jackie and Children - (Pembroke )

" Extremely good but the holiday was even better than the description. The best holiday I have been on in years – thank you Single with Kids – Chrissie was great!! "

Sam and Beth - (Pembroke )

" Beth had a fantastic time with new friends. This is a big part of our going away with SWK. She gets friends to play with 24/7 and I get a rest and some adult company. Stunning location with very friendly staff. Great caterers for several nights. So nice to be spared the cooking and delicious food!
Been on 5 SWK breaks and never been disappointed yet. Can’t wait for the next one. Hows that for an honest compliment? "

Elaine and Calder - (Pembroke)

" Second time on this holiday at Pembroke and we both found plenty to do, it is such a lovely part of Wales and the company makes it so much more enjoyable "

Adrian and Olly, Milly - (Pembroke )

" The highlight: Freshwater West beach, the marshmallow barbecue and the company. Oh, and the weather! "

Kerry and Fergus - (Pembroke)

" The location was great, everyone was so friendly, the location was safe and suitable for children of all ages.”